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Abdominal Adhesions

**Mrs. F. M., a 40-year-old social worker, had sub-acute obstruction secondary to intra-abdominal adhesions following an ovarian cystectomy 15 years ago. No medical or surgical treatment was effective, but Genesen Acutouch Therapy aided her to the extent where she now feels relaxed and can have a pain-free night.

Mrs. F. M. has applied Genesen Acutouch Therapy twice a day for 30 to 60 minutes to S 25 and all tender local areas. In addition, she has found some relief by treating LI 4, P 6, and SP 6. She can now cook without feeling nauseous, as well as brush her teeth without retching.

(S 25, LI 4, etc. are touch points on the body indicated in the Users Manual.)

**These case studies done by professional Genesen Team of South Africa.

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