About Us


We started our health related business with http://www.acutouch.com in 1997 and we became Genesen Acutouch USA distributor.

In 1998, we also added Dr. Hwang's Raw and Organic Meal to our growing inventory.  Erom products are organic and made from the purest ingredients that have been enjoyed by our loyal customers for years.

We have been running a health food and supplement store at 2240 Royal Lane #306 Dallas, TX 75229 USA and opened H4u.co (HealthSite4u.com) in 2014.

We are on the dalkora radio station and Dalcibang with home shopping and spot advertising.

H4u.co 장리나 건강마을  2440 Royal Lane #306  Dallas, TX 75229 USA

Phone: (972) 280-9006, 

Text or Call: (214) 929-9927, (214) 923-9972 

Kakao Id:  LenaJang, 214 923 9972