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Amputation - Saved

** Stylianos Michalakos's  poor circulation in his foot led to gangrene and four doctors in Bloemfontein and two in Greece all said that the toes, and even the whole foot would have to be amputated.

Stylianos hadn’t realized the impact of the death of his wife on his own health, until he was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic. The diabetes caused the poor circulation in his legs, resulting in open sores. On a visit to Greece his condition became worse, and he was hospitalised. On his return he was immediately taken in at a private clinic in Bloemfontein, but the prognosis was very bad. They would have to amputate.

But his stubborn attitude probably saved his life. He came into contact with Acutouch through a relative and started therapy immediately. There were visible signs of improvement after the first treatment. Stylianos and his son went back to Hoopstad and continued the therapy.

After a month of intensive treatment, the sores started to heal, and his health improved considerably. Stylianos has visited Greece since his recovery, and has even been seen dancing in the taverns!

**Hannie Jacobs (81) from Bloemfontein used to spend in excess of R400 a month on painkillers. But thanks to Acutouch, the her painful feet are now better. Her feet used to be blue and full of sores, but are now pink, and the pain and suffering is something of the past. (This is after her doctors found no pulse in her foot and said that plastic arteries or amputation were the only options!)

After two weeks of treatment with the Acutouch Pointers, her pulse was back to normal.
"I feel much better," she says. "There are no longer sores on my toes and I walk a lot better. I believe in the pens. They gave me back my health and I would recommend them to anyone."

**These Case Studies done by Professional Genesen Team in South Africa.



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