Your LobacB product is amazing!

Posted by Joe Fishervb on Jan 23rd 2016

Hello,Your LobacB product is amazing! It's hard to believe that something so small can reduce and relieve pain as well as it
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I am very happy to be able to help them.

Posted by Veronica Wong - Acupuncturist on Jan 23rd 2016

I treated two patients with Genesen Acutouch, one with back(lumbar) pain and the other one with brain Tumor that wa
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Posted by Bae Tae Bok on May 22nd 2015

Hi! I am 58 years old man. I have been suffered from diabetes, Ischemic Cardiomyopathy, and hardening of arteries for a lon
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astonishing results!

Posted by Dr. Samuel Kim on Mar 29th 2015

When I was first introduced Genesen Acutouch, I disregarded it because I already had tried everything in vain for 20 years an
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The results are so amazing!

Posted by Mr. Chuck Gorrecht on Mar 29th 2015

Thank You.  We have been using Genesen Acutouch you sent and injuries to my back, shoulders, neck and knees that I
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was paralyzed and can now walk!

Posted by ​Ms. Ellen Ellen Connelly on Mar 29th 2015

We have been given a set of pens to try and use on some injured wild animals, however the person who lent them to us have los
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