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Your LobacB product is amazing!

Posted by Joe Fishervb on


Your LobacB product is amazing! It's hard to believe that something so small can reduce and relieve pain as well as it does. I heard about your products from a massage therapist in Ohio. I decided to order the LobacB for my wife and myself. She suffers with Fibromyalgia pain and also some hip pain and then LobacB has really helped to manage that PAIN. what is so great about your product is that you are not ingesting any harmful chemicals from medications! I use the buttons for my aches and pains from my daily workouts. I was a competitive athlete so I know a lot about pain and what things I can do to relieve the pain. I now have a great product to add to my own "medicine" kit.

I have also shared your product with several people at my gym and actually loaned out my buttons. I know 3 different cases where the people told me that the LobacB really helped them with their pain and they were so impressed with it that they ordered the product.

Great product and SO safe to use too. THANK YOU for sharing your product and I hope more people try it.

Joe from Florida

  • LobacB
  • Fibromyalgia Pain
  • Hip Pain

I am very happy to be able to help them.

I treated two patients with Genesen Acutouch, one with back(lumbar) pain and the other one with brain Tumor that was operated.  She suffers headache. Both very satisfied.Next day two case called me to tell me they feel so good and for the first time in many years they slept so well.I am very happy to be able to help them.

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Hi! I am 58 years old man. I have been suffered from diabetes, Ischemic Cardiomyopathy, and hardening of arteries for a long time. The complecations of diabetes was too hard to bear.First, insomnia was gone with the use of Genesen Acutouch. Flatulence and perspiration after the meal disappeared also. Bowel movement [...]

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astonishing results!

When I was first introduced Genesen Acutouch, I disregarded it because I already had tried everything in vain for 20 years and a specialist told me that I had to live with headache.  But five months later, I got so sick that Genesen Acutouch became across my mind and I borrowed and applied it on [...]

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The results are so amazing!

Thank You.  We have been using Genesen Acutouch you sent and injuries to my back, shoulders, neck and knees that I have had  (some almost 20 years), are getting better.  I can walk by myself now and I can move my frozen shoulder again.  Along with these injuries I have a neuro-muscular disease and the first [...]

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was paralyzed and can now walk!

We have been given a set of pens to try and use on some injured wild animals, however the person who lent them to us have lost the users manual. Is there a site where I can download it? Thanks. Thanks for pointing that out. We actually want to try the pens on an African [...]

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