astonishing results!

Posted by Dr. Samuel Kim on Mar 29th 2015

When I was first introduced Genesen Acutouch, I disregarded it because I already had tried everything in vain for 20 years and a specialist told me that I had to live with headache.  But five months later, I got so sick that Genesen Acutouch became across my mind and I borrowed and applied it on my head.  It began to hurt like pulling out rock from the dry land but unbelievably the pains were running away and I felt very refreshing. I found not only headache but also my chronic tiredness was gone.

From then my friends called me for help when they have pains and Genesen Acutouch worked wonderfully.  After 10minutes' treatment one friend's mother could have sound sleep after forty years long suffering from the pains of leg.  And I could help very effectively for various symptoms like bruises in the sports, stomachaches, neurosis, back-pain and even pimples with astonishing results. 

An old man suffered with severe back pain rose up and walked out of the room and all of his family wondered at the miraculous healing.  These things are still happening and spreading among my relatives and friends.

I believe Genesen Acutouch is a very precious gift from God and it will greatly reduce the physical pains of the people in their earthly life.  I feel some similarities to the spreading of the Gospel of eternal life.