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Ear / Tinnitus / Deafness

Deafness and tinnitus

Pharmacist Braham Schmidt was struck with deafness in his right ear in the late 90s. This was caused by a bout of chicken pox at the age of 56. He recovered from the sickness, but his hearing was severely affected. It improved a little from -110%, but he remained 75% deaf. It was ironic that as a pharmacist, he sold hearing aids, and now he had to wear one himself. He also had permanent tinnitus, a condition that causes wheezing in the ears, and according to Braham, is worse to live with than deafness.

Braham heard about Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer Therapy from a friend and decided to give it a try. He recalls that he was extremely dizzy after the first application: “I could hardly talk and it scared me, but I could feel that something was happening.” After the third treatment he purchased his own set, and four months later his hearing returned. Braham tells that he can even hear the sound of his tires on the tarmac. He doesn’t have to turn his head anymore to listen to the finer sounds of music.


Mrs. C.’s hearing difficulty started with a minor loss of hearing, and she went to her local doctor. He suggested that the wax in her ears be medically removed by water. There were complications during the procedure, which made matters even worse. Mrs. C. became completely deaf in the right ear and left with 20% hearing in the other.

Three weeks of constant treatment with Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer restored her hearing up to 90% in both ears. During this time, she developed inflammation in her sinus and nose area, which healed after 3 days of treatment. 

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