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**Pieter Coetzee, 67-year-old from Stilfontein, contracted skin cancer 25 years ago. Although it was successfully surgically removed, he had a relapse 20 years later years later, and the spot on his shoulder was red and swollen. A hole as big as his little finger developed, and there was no other option than to remove the cancer again. 

"I was in a pit of despair and totally without hope, " he says.

Pieter initially bought the Acutouch Pointers for his back pain, but then good news reached the office of Nature's Technologies: in Korea, the Touch Pointers had been used actively to treat cancer. Pieter started treating himself locally on his shoulder. The infection started to clear after two weeks and the red skin returned to a natural light pink. The deepest hole in his shoulder formed a scab, and three months later it healed completely. 

"The pens are totally incredible. My back is better, my headaches are gone, and my fibrositis is something of the past."

**These case studies done by professional Genesen Team of South Africa.

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