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Foot Pain

Foot pain Case 1

A patient with foot pain was treated locally by his doctor with Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer for 15 minutes. After that, he was able to walk out of the doctor's room without hopping as he did on his arrival.

Foot pain Case 2

Mr. S. is a 67-year-old golfer. He presented his new doctor with a problem in his foot. The foot had a deep scar. There had been three operations after a long-standing staphylococcus aureus infection that gave him an abscess on the foot, as well as endocarditis. As a result of the third operation, fusion had been performed. The pain was extreme, especially upon standing and walking, and movement was impaired. His life had come to a standstill -- and he could not play golf!

After the first treatment of 25 minutes by his doctor, the condition improved by 80%. Mr. S. has acquired a set of Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer for himself and routinely self-administers treatment (twice each day for half an hour each time). In his own words, “It has improved my life tremendously. Thank you!”

Foot Pain Case 3

A 62-year-old male patient came to the same doctor with a plantar pain of the right foot. It was basically an inflammation of the fascia. He had had the inflammation for 18 months. The pain was extreme, and he had impaired movement when walking. The cause was unknown. Since the problem was not a life threatening one, the doctor immediately applied Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer. No other treatment was administered. 

Four treatments of Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer were performed within 12 days. After the first treatment, the pain had decreased by 80%. After the fourth treatment, there was no more pain. The patient could walk with a normal gait. 3 weeks later, the patient was still 100% better. 3 months later, the doctor had not heard from him again, and assumed that he fully recovered from that inflammation. 

Foot Pain Case 4

Hannie Jacobs (81) from Bloemfontein used to spend in excess of R400 a month on painkillers. But thanks to Acutouch, the her painful feet are now better. Her feet used to be blue and full of sores, but are now pink, and the pain and suffering is something of the past. (This is after her doctors found no pulse in her foot and said that plastic arteries or amputation were the only options!) After two weeks of treatment with the Acutouch Pointers, her pulse was back to normal.
"I feel much better," she says. "There are no longer sores on my toes and I walk a lot better. I believe in the pens. They gave me back my health and I would recommend them to anyone."

**These case studies done by professional Genesen Team of South Africa.




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