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Kidney Stones


Kidneystones were a common occurrence for Mrs. H. for years and her pain was unbearable. Her painkillers alone cost up to R800 per month, and brought temporarily relief, but did not resolve the problem.
Her kidneystones are something of the past. The pain was completely gone within the first week of treatment. Mrs. H. has complete faith in Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer Therapy, and is treating a wide variety of ailments in her family with great success.


Mr. B. (52) is a well-known butcher in his town. His pain left him breathless as his extended abdomen was sensitive and swollen. Medication was taken daily, but did not solve the root of the problem. He was scheduled to have his bilestones removed, and tried Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer only to relieve the pain.

His breathing eased after the first treatment and 3 days later the pain completely cleared. He canceled his bilestone operation and is now much healthier.

“Thank-you, Acutouch, for saving me from surgery!”


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