Lower Back Pain

**A 28-year-old nurse, Mrs. N. P., had a history of Scheuermann’s disease. For the preceding 4 years she had experienced lower back pain. After 15 minutes of treatment, she said she felt cured.

**M. E., a 29-year-old farmer, had strained his back lifting a heavy object . He complained of severe pain and was unable to straighten his back more than 45 degrees.

His wife applied the Acutouch Pointers to his back the following day for 45 minutes. After applying Acutouch, he walked away totally upright, virtually free of pain and no longer using a cane.

**Mrs. Marie Theron, a former school principal, is very impressed with her set of Touch Pointers. She uses them for a variety of ailments, but mainly for her injured back, and uses considerably less medication. She recommends Acutouch to anyone who suffers and wants to improve their quality of life. 

**These case studies done by professional Genesen Team of South Africa.

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