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Meniere’s syndrome

Meniere’s syndrome Case 1

Hetta Essakow is a 64-year-old housewife who suffered from Meniere’s syndrome for 10 years.

"I was permanently dizzy and couldn’t keep my balance."

She tried everything, the one tablet after the other. Eventually she made contact with a physiotherapist and started Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer treatment. After the third treatment she experienced relief. Hetta went for a further ten treatments in the first week and after three weeks she recovered completely. She is still under treatment, but only once a month for maintenance.

“I am completely healthy now, but I won’t hesitate for a moment to go back for more treatment if I need it. I can’t actually believe it, but the proof is there!”

Meniere’s syndrome Case 2

Hans van den Breggen, a heavy smoker, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 15 years ago. In 1994 he had to retire for medical reasons. His diagnosis was later changed to Postural Tremors. He started to lose his hearing and was diagnosed with Meniere’s syndrome. Hans’ condition was quite severe before he started with the Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer treatment. He was on medication that could control the symptoms to an extent, but the dosage had to be increased regularly.

He started Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer treatment in January 2000. He initially felt worse, but his body started to detoxify. After a week he started to feel better. Tests after a follow-up visit to his doctor revealed that all the signs of Meniere’s syndrome were gone. His medication was reduced substantially.

Two months later all his symptoms had disappeared, even the tremors subsided completely. He keeps up the maintenance formula as his only treatment.

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