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Migraine headache


Part of the 58-year-old Mr. T’s daily routine was coping with blinding migraine attacks. For 20 years he had suffered from depression and had an aggressive temperament as a result of his extremely painful headaches. He consulted various doctors, who prescribed painkillers and anti-depressants, which were generally ineffective and brought only temporary relief.

At that stage he was employed by the Air Force and decided on an early retirement because of his condition, which might have been caused by tension. After one treatment with the Acutouch Pointers, he had only a mild headache and could feel a vast improvement. The second treatment proved to benefit his condition even more -- he could hardly feel the headache at all. By the third treatment his symptoms cleared, and he was very impressed with Acutouch!


Mrs. E. U. is 43 years old. Several years ago she started getting severe headaches, which she suspected were hormone-related. The condition got progressively worse. To her astonishment, she instantly felt better after her first Acutouch treatment. Since then, she has had minimal headaches and the pain got gradually lighter and eventually cleared completely. Four months later, she still receives maintenance treatment, but has not had a headache in two months. 

Tension headache

Various students reported a positive response after using the Acutouch Pointers during exam periods. Some had developed extreme tension headaches, which the Acutouch Therapy cleared either immediately or within a day or two.

**These case studies done by professional Genesen Team of South Africa.


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