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Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease Case 1

Lorraine Elliot is 73 years old. Diagnosed with postural tremor, she received regular buttock injections. She decided to try Acutouch treatment and stopped the injections on 25 August 2000. She started Acutouch Therapy on 29 August. She had three treatments a day that lasted between 30 and 45 minutes on the points indicated for Parkinson’s disease in the Manual. She kept the Pointers on the points until the sensation faded. She noticed improvement after three days, and after a week she was 75% better. Three weeks later the trembling was gone. She reports that every 3 to 4 days she still gets some tremors when picking up heavy items, but her writing is back to normal, she walks at a brisk pace, and the trembling disappeared from her speech altogether.

Parkinson’s disease Case 2

Audrey Young was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1995 at the age of 65. A neurologist prescribed dopamine and the dosage was increased 4 times during the last 5 years. She started Acutouch Therapy, and after a month she could feel the improvement. After two months the tremors had diminished substantially, and her medication was reduced to a third of what it had been in the beginning. She now drives again, sleeps better, and her speech is perfect. Her walking has also improved dramatically.

Parkinson’s disease Case 3

Hans van den Breggen was a heavy smoker. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 15 years ago. In 1994 he had to retire for medical reasons. His diagnosis was later changed to Postural Tremor. He started to lose his hearing and was then diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. His condition was quite severe before he started with the Acutouch treatment. He was on medication that could control the symptoms to an extent, but the dosage had to be increased regularly. He started treatment in January of 2000. He initially felt worse, but his body started to detoxify. After a week he started to feel better. Tests after a follow-up visit to his doctor revealed that all the signs of Meniere’s syndrome were gone. His medication was reduced substantially.

Two months later all his symptoms had disappeared, even the tremors subsided completely. He keeps up the maintenance formula as his only treatment.
See a picture of Hans.

Parkinson’s disease Case 4
69-year-old Susan van Niekerk was desperate about her health. She couldn’t hold a cup of tea or a book to read. This was due to the symptoms of Parkinson’s and Postural Tremor. She also had swelling on her leg due to a surgical procedure, end the Postural Tremor severely influenced her balance and hence her ability to walk. She read about Acutouch Therapy in a newspaper and decided to try it. It was a hard road for Susan and the Acutouch therapists, but in the end they triumphed. She is in a lot less pain, and can walk without trouble. The best impact was that the tremors stopped, and she could use her hands effectively again. 
See pictures of Susan. 

Parkinson’s disease Case 5

Mr. A. B., aged 76, started suffering from Parkinson’s years ago. Although never formally diagnosed, he started treatment two years ago, with excellent results.

Parkinson’s disease Case 6

A few years ago, Mr. H. T. (85 years old), was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. His abilities were limited, and he needed full-time medical care. He could not turn himself over in his sleep, walking was difficult and he was dependent on friends and family for everything he needed. His treatment started in February 2001. His condition improved so rapidly, that he can walk, and even get out of a car by himself. He still receives maintenance treatment three times a month. He got his independence back and is grateful to his friend who introduced him to Acutouch.

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