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Q / A of Acutouch

Does Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer really work? Yes, Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer performs above and beyond reasonable expectation, especially when combined with perseverance and dedication from the users.

What do Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer have in common with electrical pain machines? There are no similarities. The idea behind Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer Therapy is not to simply mask pain. Although it is incredibly successful for pain management, the most important facet is that it stimulates the natural healing process through the application of waves which are naturally absorbed by the body to promote and maintain health. In other words, long-term benefits can be achieved with the Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer.

The success is in the fact that Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer uses FIR, which is called the light of life, negative ions, and highly focused natural magnetism while infusing Qi into the body.

Will the treatment cure me? Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer will restore your body’s ability to heal itself, which is a gift on its own. We do not claim it to be a “cure-all”, but with the correct use of Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer, the benefits are exceptional. Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer is suitable as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with other therapies. The results to date show that Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer is extremely effective and have helped many ordinary people as well as professionals in various ways.

What precautions are there? It is impossible to overdose with Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer, or to harm yourself. But there are some cautions you must take when applying Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer therapy under the following circumstances:

  • Pregnancy - The User's Manual lists certain points best avoided during certain months of pregnancy. 
  • Pacemakers - Treatment can be continued with caution. Do not place the Pointers near the pacemaker itself.

Does the treatment have any side effects? No, only side benefits. For example, sometimes people treating themselves for arthritis respond to the arthritis, but at the same time their headache also disappears. In a few cases you may experience a slight increase in pain at the beginning, but this is what is known as a mild “healing crisis” — occasionally things need to get worse before they get better! This is normal for some conditions. Continue with the treatment and you will feel the benefits a day or two later.

This happens because you are treating the cause rather than the symptoms.

Can I use Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer on my animals, and will they work? Yes, you can certainly use Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer on dogs, cats and horses, and you can expect good results. Since animals are far more sensitive to natural energy, you should cover the tips of Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer. 

Can more than one person use the same Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer? Absolutely, not only are they plated with 24k gold for hygienic reasons (gold does not promote viral and bacterial growth), but the tips of Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer can also be washed with running water with soap. Do not immerse Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer in the water.

Why does the user's manual require treatment twice daily? Practical experience indicated that treatment twice daily (or even more frequently) is sufficient to treat chronic diseases and ailments. 

Do I need training?  No, The Users Manual is very comprehensive. 

Is there any guarantee on the devices? Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer devices contain no moving parts thus no indication for a maintenance or service program. 


Do you have to repair, recharge or service Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer, and what are the costs? 


There are no batteries, artificial power source or movable parts. Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer last for 15 to 20 years and will loose efficacy during that time.  If you damage or bend the points, Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer will not work as effectively. When this happen, you can send Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer to us for replacement of the tips of Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer. To ensure that your Genesen Acutouch Touch Pointer come to no harm, keep them in their case, away from electromagnetic fields, do not drop them, and keep them out of the reach of children.




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