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Shoulder Pain

I highly recommend it! 

A Korean friend introduced me to the Acutouch. Using hers for my shoulder tension, the shoulder seemed to actually drop immediately as the muscle relaxed. I was amazed. I since have bought my own and use it for indigestion, TMJ and pain from sports.

It really works. I particularly like the fact I can treat myself when the need arises and not have to wait to see an acupuncturist. It saves me time and money and shortens recovery time. 

- Patrick Plunkett, VA USA 

The Results Are So Amazing! 

Thank You.  We have been using Genesen Acutouch you sent and injuries to my back, shoulders, neck and knees that I have had  (some almost 20 years), are getting better. 

I can walk by myself now and I can move my frozen shoulder again.  Along with these injuries I have a neuro-muscular disease and the first treatment to an area is very painfully but the results are so amazing even after the first treatment to an area.

- Mr. Chuck Gorrecht, USA  

**When Mrs. V. (57) injured herself, a doctor suggested a shoulder operation to restore the damage. The surgery was successfully completed and she had to start physiotherapy immediately to ensure that the arm was exercised thoroughly and that it would stay mobile. 

Unfortunately, a sudden flu attack withheld her from her physiotherapy and her shoulder became frozen to such an extent that she could not move her arm. 

During this painful ordeal she decided to try Acutouch, not expecting much. Happy after the first treatment, Mrs. V. was able to raise her hand slowly above her head. She recuperated rapidly and now experiences no pain.

**These case studies done by professional Genesen Team of South Africa.


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