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Tennis Elbow

**53-year-old Mrs. N. had suffered from tennis elbow for 10 months. In the course of treatment, she had received three cortisone injections. These had given her only temporary and progressively minimal relief. She was wearing a tennis elbow brace continually, but was unable to play tennis. 

Mrs. N. received Acutouch treatment three times a week for two weeks, twice for three weeks, with ten-minute applications on each day. Within three weeks, Mrs. N. no longer required the tennis elbow brace for daily activities, and within four weeks she was able to resume playing tennis with the use of the brace which her doctor advised her to use any time she plays.

After checking her elbow once a week, Mrs. N. reported that she has not had any recurrence of the elbow pain. Nine weeks after the initial treatment of Acutouch, Mrs. N. was completely healed.

**These case studies done by professional Genesen Team of South Africa.

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