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Vaginal Tumor

**Mrs. de Kock had wonderful results with Acutouch after a traumatic experience.

At the age of 54 she had decided to have a hysterectomy. Soon after the surgery began, it was discovered that she was a haemophiliac (a “bleeder”) and the operation was immediately stopped.

Nine years later she jumped off a high wall and started bleeding excessively. After series of tests, revealed ovarian cancer. One ovarian growth equivalent in size  to a four-month-old foetus was removed, and she was told that her right ovary could not be located. Various clinics, specialists and procedures were tried unsuccessfully.

The haemorrhaging never stopped, and Mrs. De Kock tried Acutouch out of desperation. After a month’s treatment the pain and bleeding was dramatically reduced. Small fragments of material were excreted and classified as rotten surgical material. Since her bleeding started, she took special care of her personal hygiene and was convinced that a piece of surgical instrument was left in her during the operation.

After her second laparotomy and cauterisation she was urged to continue with chemical treatment against her will. Minor bleeding still occurred especially from her bladder, and it was confirmed to be as result of the ovary that could not be located. A part of her bowel was also removed.

During this agonizing period, the Acutouch Pointers greatly reduced her stress and the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. Her discomfort and pain around her bladder was dramatically reduced. Muscular stiffness was greatly relieved and she healed more rapidly than she expected to.

**These case studies done by professional Genesen Team of South Africa.

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